A vendor agnostic agent to control and observe your distributed systems,
democratizing collection and exporting of telemetry.
We take the hassle out of your engineering process to deploy distributed applications



We’ll get started with oragent in hopefully less than 5 minutes and you’ll be able to see the insights that you can get from using it!


* Docker
* Git

Clone the source

git clone https://github.com/orijtech/oragent && cd oragent

Update setup file

Please update your postgres/setup.sql file to look like the following file

Start it up

You should be able to see a blank screen like this:

Run an OpenCensus/OpenTelemetry agent compatible app

Please run an OpenCensus/OpenTelemetry agent compatible app, for example any of these:

After the application has been running for a couple of seconds or a while, your screen at http://localhost:8877/ might start to look like this

Please click on any one of the prominently filled circles aka “nodes” which will then perhaps show a screen like this:


Please feel free to fill out our observability survey, but also we enjoy interactions so please tell us about your experience using oragent!

Hosted service

We plan on launching a hosted service that’ll be available on the major clouds, please click here to get more information.